The Banning Of Electronic Cigarettes – What Are They?

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Our recent attention is towards e cigs in a recent statement below it looks like there could be a ban –

A draft of the EU’s Tobacco Product Directive was leaked to the German media this week. You may recall the EU wide community consultation on this instruction, the results of which were released last year and confirmed majority opposition to extreme cigarettes control steps and a “vast majority” in favour of repealing the medically groundless prohibition on snus.

“A considerable majority of (citizen) participants were against increasing the scope of the Instruction (ie further rules).

A vast majority of (citizen) participants… were in favour of lifting the prohibition on snus.

A significant majority of (citizen) respondents disagreed with the management of components in the EU level.

An important majority of (citizen) participants opposed limiting use of tobacco items.”

The 125 page draft record strongly suggests the European Commission has decided not to listen to the citizens and has instead decided to heed their sock-puppet strain groups as well as the gentlemen of the pharmaceutical industry. This might not surprise you. According to European news sources, the directive could be considerably worse than anybody feared. Lowlights include: -

Total ban on all types of smokeless tobacco over the EU (except Sweden)
Total prohibition on e-cigarettes
Ban on menthol and other flavourings (formerly stated, when I noted in April)
Standardised cigarette size, color and length
Ban on shopkeepers displaying greater than one number of each and every manufacturer
Visual warnings on packages covering 75% of the surface

The prohibition on electric will change nasal snuff and all types of chewing tobacco. This is especially unpopular with the respective ethnic minorities who use Asian-style goods. It will also mean a prohibition on free snus in Denmark, where it has formerly been covered by the ‘traditional use’ terms (see here for coverage of the Danish issue.)

Needless to say, this implies no repeal of the snus ban and hence no chance for EU citizens to profit from the ‘Swedish experience’ of size switching into a 99% safer option. Since The Local tells us…

In Sweden now only 11 per cent of the adult residents are smokers in comparison with the EU average which is 28 per cent.

Any government which was serious about wellness might legalise snus instantaneously. Alternately, any government that believed that smokeless tobacco was such a critical risk that it required banning might remove the Swedish exemption. This transparently isn’t about health. It really is about money and politics.

The prescription industry–and, indeed, the tobacco industry–will be even happier to learn that e-cigarettes were in the firing line. The draft directive suggests that only ‘NCPs’ (nicotine containing products) which have been authorised as medicinal products and services should be permitted out there. Since e-cigarettes make no claim to be therapeutic products, this would see them banned. Thousands and thousands of European citizens who’ve successfully stop smoking with one of these devices would be forced back to cigarettes. Great work.

A majority of the other policy guidelines are small and little, seemingly designed to do simply annoy the tobacco industry. Stopping shopkeepers from selling greater than one number of each and every cigarette brand is a fresh one to me. I am unable to picture who dreamed up that policy or what they were smoking during the time.

The plan of addressing tobacco products with 75% graphic warnings is cut from the same bone headed material. Presumably it is for the advantage of all those folks who haven’t heard the news about smoking being bad for them. It drops short of basic packaging, however only, as Die Welt reports:

If one provides the revenue stamp as still another element whose dimension is given, the makers will be left with roughly one-tenth of a bunch surface at the place where they could exercise their flexibility of design.

Moreover, the legislation can readily be updated later on when the unelected European Commission is prepared to take the ‘next logical action’:

The Commission is viewing the limitations as part of an initial phase: five years from the effective date of the information that is now being planned, it desires to publish additional proposals “in the path of full plain packaging”, I.e. a ban to using any logos, pictures, letterings, and font types.

That is the information since I understand it so far (predominantly gathered from foreign sources while the British media haven’t shown any interest). Seems like health and freedom may likely be sacrificed for specific interests once again, but that is the European Commission for you – - clumsy and rotten to the center.

This could affect the industry – but what are electronic cigarettes?

In our opinion switching over to e cigs is a great idea as they are healthier, cheaper than conventional cigarettes and far more socially acceptable. You can use them to indulge your smoking habit or use them to wean yourself off smoking as well. However, there are several things about eletronic cigarettes that you don’t know and we’ve created this guide just to help you out.

Nicotine strengths — You don’t really have to worry about this in traditional e cigarettes but an e cigarette is different. With these types of smoking kits, you can adjust the nicotine strength of the smoking liquid. The general rule of thumb is to start with the lowest strength of nicotine possible. This is because traditional cigarette smoke contains more than 4000 chemicals and your lungs actively filter the nicotine out of this thick claggy smoke. However, an electronic smoking liquid kit is completely different and you don’t get these dangerous compounds. The nicotine strength is consistent but your lungs will take time to get used to this pure, vapor filled nicotine. As a result, we recommend everyone starts with the lowest strength of liquid and then move upwards as required.

Just like traditional versions -electronic cigarette at try to remain as true to life as possible. That means the electronic kit is just like a real ciggie. However, you do not need to light the electronic version as it runs on a battery. Here too you can choose from manually operated or button operated kits or automatically battery charged units. Both units are great but battery charged units run automatically and do not require extra manipulation. As there is no actual burning, there is no smell and you and the people near you will have absolutely no objections to your smoking in public.


Brands and makers — Frankly, nearly every company has its own version and they make their own variety of liquids as well. We really do urge you to buy local. Local companies know the local tobacco varieties and they manufacture vape liquids that closely mimic natural cigarettes. These liquids may be a little expensive though and we really do recommend that you contact our customer service section for expert help.

Cost — To be honest, China was the first on the game and they make the cheapest kits and liquids. The only problem here is that these kits are not high on quality. Vape liquids too are completely different in taste and texture. We recommend you choose a reliable website that will list all the products according to price, quality, manufacture and guarantee. This will help you make an informed decision regarding the product. Of course, you can also compare rates with two to three different websites to ensure you are getting the best deal.

As you can see, we do recommend you start using your e-cig as quickly as possible. Buy a reliable brand and buy your products from us as we can promise you the best. With over two decades of experience in the e cig industry, we know exactly what our customers are looking for in their products. Quality, affordability, reliability and ready supply is the main reason why our customers come back to us repeatedly and we can do the same for you. To ensure that you never fall short of your vape products, we recommend you write in to us at the customer service section and our 24-7 team will ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for. All you have to do is get in touch with us and we will provide exactly what you want. That is our promise and guarantee.

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